About Websby

Websby is a fully featured managed web publishing system for school districts and private schools that is cloud hosted. Built on 14 years of experience, Websby is exactly tuned to the needs of educational websites.

Unlike other systems, Websby puts all of the control in the hands of the customer; All of the features and capabilities of the platform are yours to work with, including access to the site designer itself, meaning that future changes to your website's look and feel are in your control.  That said, we've worked very hard to separate the content itself from the styling in Websby so that anyone can publish content easily.  

Most web publishers need only work with the simple to use content editors built in to the system and need never worry about styling at all; This keeps your busy contributors happy while at the same time ensuring that your websites look great and adhere to your branding guidelines.

Flexible, responsive design

Our highly flexible architecture means that we can help your district to develop a look and feel that is right for you, rather than being limited to a set of canned designs. Responsive design is built in, ensuring your sites render properly on any browser, mobile phone or tablet.  

Websby Designer - Limitless Possibilities

Websby's core site builder is the most flexible site designer anywhere. The number of different combinations of Websby's key design objects such as banners, menus, message areas, etc. are simply staggering so almost any layout and design is possible. 

Our designer is form driven and our customers may redesign their sites completely at any time without losing content or needing to pay for expensive consultation services - although very reasonably priced services are available to help you if you need it.

With Websby, you pre-set your site's colors and fonts so that styles are maintained everywhere and the folks who update content don't need to worry about the formatting of their content, they just need to think about the content itself.  This eliminates the barriers faced by many publishers and means more and better information will get to the website - and more quickly.

Directory Integration and Single Sign On

Integration with existing directory and authentication environments such as Active Directory, G Suite (Google Apps for Education) and Office 365 means user access and permissions flow directly from existing systems of record. 

With directory integration, your webmasters will never need to create a Websby account or reset a Websby password.  And, of course, schools using Edsby can log directly into Websby that way too.

Roles Based Control

Site layout, navigation and branding for all district and school sites are defined centrally, ensuring consistency across all websites. 

  • Webmasters: District staff can access all pages, and can push content such as branding, menus, and even emergency alerts to every page of every site, all from a central district console
  • Web Managers: School-based administrative staff are empowered to maintain and update content locally, ensuring web content remains up to date without requiring routine involvement of district webmasters.
  • Web Publishers:  Designated by the school Web Managers, Web Publishers have no responsibility for layout for formatting but rather are content contributors only.

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